The Journey from Seed to Shelf

Ananda Hemp is one of the first 100% vertically integrated hemp companies in the world.

Katelyn Lambert was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at the age of two in 2014. This life-changing event for our Chairman, Barry Lambert and his family, was only the beginning. Shortly after Katelyn Lambert’s seizures were under control, they set off a chain of events that would see their vision to research, educate and ultimately ensure all Australians could access high-quality CBD become a reality.

"We are extremely proud to be able to help the Lambert family deliver on their vision to ensure all Australians can access high quality CBD to help improve their health and wellbeing. We see a wonderful future for Australians in need of a hemp-derived CBD and continue to engage with those pioneers who drive change to make the world a better place. Ecofibre will continue to champion innovation and change. We believe fear is the greatest threat to progress and we will continue to use science and our voice to ensure progress never stops, as patients and customers are at the core of what we do."

- Eric Wang, CEO Ecofibre (Ananda Hemp's parent company)

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Ananda Hemp Clinical Research Program

Opioid Reduction

CBD for reducing prescription medication in patients with chronic pain (1-30+ years since diagnosis).

Neuropathic Pain

FDA-authorised study using CBD to treat Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy.


CBD for agitation in patients with Dementia (and their caregivers).